At Aspire Healthcare we offer a range of serviced designing to help you live well.

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Home is where you’re celebrated.

Aspire offer a range of residential care and transitional accommodation for adults with mental health disorders, mild, moderate and acute learning disabilities, Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Bipolar disorder, manic depression, Schizophrenia and challenging behaviour.

 They’re warm and inclusive places for you to thrive and feel at home; Secure knowing that you’re free to be yourself. 

Care, as individual as you are 

In our residential care homes, we believe in offering choice and flexibility, it’s your home after all – so we work with you to accommodate your individual requirements.  Flexible mealtimes, for instance, with a choice of menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. We encourage healthy choices and empower positive decision-making, but also cater for your specific tastes, so there’s plenty of what you fancy, too.

There’s regular trips, social events and activities organised around your suggestions and what you and your housemates like to do. 

What do you like to do?
Go to the park? The beach? Play sport? See the latest movie? Go Shopping?
Or maybe you or your loved one are the type of person who prefers more quiet time – to read and spend time in nature. That’s fine, too.
Our care is centred around you.

Safe, effective residential care. 
Safety and protection from abuse and avoidable harm is of paramount importance at all of our residential homes. We adhere to Care Quality Commission Standards. And strive to make sure all residents enjoy great quality of life and thrive in our care.

With 14 properties located across Gateshead, North Tyneside and County Durham, our friendly residential properties vary in size from 2 bedrooms to 18 bedrooms. Most bedrooms are single occupancy, many with en-suite facilities, but we can arrange shared occupancy if required. 

Additional Care 
We do not provide nursing care. However, should you or your loved one require nursing care, your GP, District Nurse or other registered provider can provide it. Therapeutic care from physiotherapists and other appointed professionals is also available, either in the home or via outpatient appointments.

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Specialist support for the life you want to live

Aspire operate a modern and progressive Supported Living Service for adults to live in small, supported communities – where help is on hand when you need it.

We help you achieve the best quality of life, whilst making sure we respect your dignity and privacy. We do this by supporting and encouraging you or your loved one to exercise choice in all aspects of daily life. 

Everything you need to thrive.

Supported living combines all the benefits of independent living with the warmth, safety and security of community and belonging, and dedicated help on hand when you need it. It’s like a community within the community, setup to help you maintain your independence whilst developing greater autonomy and self-determination. It helps you learn life skills and empowers you to engage in meaningful activities, build confidence and contribute to the community and wider society.

Safe, effective supported living  

Our services are provided in a sensitive and caring manner, in accordance with the needs, choices and aspirations of you or your loved one, and in an environment free from abusive situations.

We monitor the standard of care, continually, to make sure we meet these objectives.

Find out more about our supported living services.

Helping you experience the joy of independence 

Aspire operate a modern and progressive domiciliary care service for adults living in their own home, which may or may not be shared, enabling individuals with mental health disorders and learning disabilities to live safely in the comfort of their own surroundings.

We help you achieve as much independence as possible, whilst making sure you have the support you need to make it a reality. We do this by only providing the support you need, leaving you free to enjoy all the benefits of independent living. 

Support to live life your way  

  • Do you need help managing money or paying bills?
  • Need someone to assist you with daily tasks, like cleaning?
  • Perhaps you need help with medication or mealtimes?

Living independently is great, but it isn’t always easy – if you have complex needs, which may prevent have prevented you from living independently until this point. We help you make living life on your terms a reality. 

Safe, effective domiciliary care

More info required. Safeguarding, etc?

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