Disabled Influencers

Disabled Influencers

Social media has given a voice to many who have not had an equal platform on traditional media. The rise of Disabled Influencers in recent years has raised the awareness of disabilities, inspiring others and dispelling myths .

Joseph Bird, from Solihull in the West Midlands, has cerebral palsy. He has more than 219,000 followers on Instagram where he posts videos that carry a positive message about disability. Every week he posts videos of his work in the gym, including boxing lessons. https://www.instagram.com/cptruths/

Shona Louise started her blog back in 2011 and writes about her experience with Marfan Syndrome as well as other conditions, including chronic pain. Having started blogging at an early age, Shona has grown up in the blogging community. She raises awareness in ways that able-bodied people may not have seen before, making her blog unique and helpful for those in all walks of life. https://www.instagram.com/shonalouiseblog/

Tess Daly is from Sheffield and has 200,000-plus followers on Instagram where she promotes her beauty tutorials and advertises beauty brands. Tess has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and she relies on an electric wheelchair and a team of carers in her daily life. She works in the fashion and beauty industry, having worked on social marketing campaigns for the likes of Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, as well as various make-up brands. https://www.instagram.com/tess.daly/

When Tania Talks Instagram account chronicles disability blogger Tania’s life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Meares-Irlen Syndrome and Dyslexia. She embraces who she is and shares it with the world on her social media where she discusses beauty, style, and so much more. Tania also shares her journey into motherhood on her Instagram and blog. https://www.instagram.com/whentaniatalks/

Carrie-Ann uses a wheelchair due to her Cerebral Palsy. She lives in the Lake District with her husband and loves to travel and write about her travels on her blog. Her blog highlights accessible areas to visit in the UK. https://www.instagram.com/carrieannlightleyblog