April 22nd 2022, Global Earth Day

Earth Day 2022 is a movement to invest in our planet. It is a growing global cause first established in 1970, covering all worldwide concerns. Here, they hope to make drastic changes; politically, economically and now for global warming. This is a partnership for the planet, to preserve our health, families and livelihood.

There are a wide range of initiatives you can get involved in, in order to contribute globally and give something back to the planet. Whether you’re planning to work solo as an individual, or in a large group, below are some of the causes you can get involved with.

The Climate Literacy campaign is a movement striving to educate and create public understanding of how to prevent climate change, and environmental harm. The time is now to push for a generation of citizens, students, workers and leaders who are prepared and ready for future climate change.

The Great Global Cleanup® is a global initiative with an aim to remove billions of pieces of trash from our world. This includes vast areas including our cities, towns, beaches, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. This aims to reduce overall waste, to tackle plastic pollution, develop habitats and prevent harm to wildlife. You can register a cleanup or join a local cleanup online.

Sustainable Fashion is a move to fight the huge wastage amounting from the fashion industry. Alone, fashion is responsible for over 8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable fashion is a movement to combat this, in which fashion is a part of a supply chain which is ecologically and socially responsible. These practices are applied in the sourcing, producing, marketing, distributing and consumption.

The Canopy project aims to protect forests globally. From as little as $1, a whole new tree can be planted. Forests account for homing around 80% of the world’s biodiversity, and are the second biggest storehouses of carbon after oceans. They ultimately absorb large amounts of greenhouse gases, which otherwise could be harmful to our ozone layer. Forests are excellent means of protecting our waterways, and enhancing the nutrition in our soil. Crucially, they also offer a buffer from natural disasters.