The Great North Care Record

The Great North Care Record will provide a means of sharing patient information between health and care staff. The system covers 3.6 million people in the North East and North Cumbria.

What is the Great North Care Record?

The new system allows information about patients’ health, for example, illnesses, hospital admissions, and treatments, to be accessed by everyone involved in the patient’s care. Before the new system, patient information was help separately by hospitals, GPs, and other health care workers and was not shared easily.

The Great North Care Record will allow health and care workers to access the most current patient information 24/7 allowing them to make more informed decisions about patient care.

How Will it Affect Patients?

Patients will benefit from more joined-up care. Information will be held digitally allowing all parties involved in their care to access all information on the patient enabling more informed decisions.

How Will it Affect Health Care Professionals?

The Great North Care Record allows information about patient’s care, such as diagnoses, test results, and treatments to be shared with all healthcare services. Health Care Professionals will now have access to all the relevant information when making decisions on patient care.

Sunderland – First City to be Connected

Health and social care services in Sunderland have become the first city to connect health data via the Great North Care Record. Since last year the system has allowed over 400 GPs, 5 NHS trusts, and the North East Ambulance Service to share information with frontline staff. Sunderland City Council is the first to connect this system to adult social care services. The aim is that all primary care practices, NHS trusts, and local authorities can share information on medication, hospital visits, test results, referrals, etc, to deliver personalised, proactive, and joined-up care for people in Sunderland.

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